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Page Title: Reassembly (cont)
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Reassembly (cont) - TM-11-6625-564-450072
TM-11-6625-564-45 Maintenance Kits Electronic Equipment MK-731/ARC-51X Manual
Adjustment of Dials.
TM 11-6625-564-45
(39) Place switch S2 (21) on the shaft of
Switch S6 is placed inside of switch
tens megacycle clutch (110), with the
S7. Check to see that the red mark
red mark toward the outside and to-
on each switch is properly oriented
ward the upper edge of rear gear
and that indentations on all segments
are aligned on the same side of clutch
(40) Align the two movable segments
shaft. Glyp two machine screws (1).
(front and rear) of switch S3 (19) so
(45) Mount two sleeve nuts (64) to cor-
that the slots in the segments are in
ners of upper edge of front gear
the same position. Each slot, into
plate (134) with two machine screws
which the shaft of the tens megacycle
(136) and two lockwashers (135).
clutch (110) is inserted, has a small
(46) Mount sleeve nut (88) to front gear
indentation, or cutout, on one side;
plate (134) with flathead screw
the small indentation in the two slots
(170, glyp).
must be aligned with each other.
(47) Mount noninsulated terminal (48) to
(41) Align the identation in the movable
relay bracket (53) with nut (42) and
segments of switch S3 ((40) above)
lockwasher (43).
with the indentation in the slot of
(48) Press feedthrough terminal (46)
the single segment of switch S2
firmly into relay bracket (53).
((39) above); then place switch S3
(49) Mount relay K5 (47) to relay brack-
on shaft of tens megacycle clutch
et (53) with two nuts (44) and two
(110), with the red mark to the out-
lockwashers (45).
side and toward the upper edge of
(50) Mount relays K4, K3, K2, and K1
the rear gear plate. Check to see that
(49, 50, 51, 52 respectively) to relay
the indentations in the segments of
bracket (53) in the same manner as
switch S3 are positioned on the same
for relay K5 ( (49) above).
side of the clutch shaft as the inden-
(51) Mount relay bracket (53) to rear gear
tation in switch S2.
plate (31) with three machine
(42) Mount switch S2 (21) and switch S3
screws (56) and three lockwashers
(19) to rear gear plate (31) with two
machine screws (17, glyp), two fiber
52) Mount ball bearing (173) to front
washers (18), two 3/8-inch long ce-
gear plate (134).
ramic posts (20), two 1/4-inch long
53) Mount ball bearing (176) to small
ceramic posts (22), and two fiber
gear plate (177).
washers (23).
54) Place 18-tooth and 110-tooth gear
(43) slign and mount switches S4 (14)
shaft (174) in ball bearing (173)
and S5 (12) on the shaft of units
with 110-tooth gear toward front
megacycle clutch (82) in same man-
gear plate (134). Mesh 110-tooth
ner as described for switches S2 and
gear with gear of motor B1 (105).
S3 ((34) through (42) above).
(55) Mount small gear plate (177) to
Switch S4 is placed inside switch S5.
front gear plate (134) with tow ma-
Check to see that the red mark on
chine screws (179), two lockwashers
each switch is properly oriented and
(178), and two spacers (175). Posi-
that indentations on all segments are
tion shaft of 18-tooth and 110-tooth
aligned on the same side of clutch
gear shaft (174) in ball bearing in
shaft. Glyp two machine screws
small gear plate while mounting.
(56) Place 62-tooth spur gear (165) on
drive shaft (97), hub to outside.
(44) Align and mount switches S6 (5)
(57) Place shim washers (168) on shaft of
and S7 (3) on the shaft of tenths
tens megacycle clutch (110). Use the
megacycle clutch (69) in the same
same number of washers on the in-
manner as described for switches S2
side of the 22-tooth and 66-tooth gear
and S3 ( (34) through (42) above).

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