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Page Title: Reassembly (cont)
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TM-11-6625-564-45 Maintenance Kits Electronic Equipment MK-731/ARC-51X Manual
Reassembly (cont) - TM-11-6625-564-450073
TM 11-6625-564-45
(21) Place a paw1 spring (89, 94, 113,
from No. 1 idler shaft (116), slide
121) over each of the four paw1
spur gear onto shaft and insert
spring guides (90, 93, 112, 120).
spring pin flush to the surface of
(22) Mount paw1 (67) to solenoid L4
hub on spur gear.
(66) with two pivot screws (68,
(31) Place retaining ring (115) in slot at
glyp). Be sure that paw1 spring (89)
end of No. 1 idler shaft (116).
rests against the extending arm of the
(32) Place shafts of the four clutch assem-
paw1 and exerts pressure on the
blies (69, 82, 110, 132) into their re-
spective sleeve bearings in front gear
(23) Mount three pawls (80, 108, 130) to
plate (134).
their respective solenoids (79, 107,
(33) Place shafts of three spur gear assem-
129), each with two pivot screws (81,
blies ( (26) through (31) above) into
109, 131, glyp), in the same manner
their respective sleeve bearings in the
as given in (22) above. Check paw1
front gear plate. Mesh the three
spur gears  w i t h g e a r s  o f f o u r
springs (94, 113, 121) for proper po-
sitioning ((22) above).
clutches ((32) above).
(24) Mount stud terminal (26) to rear
(34) Place rear gear plate (31) over the
gear plate (31) with machine screw
shafts of the three spur gear assem-
blies an d four clutch assemblies
(92) and lockwasher (91), and
mount stud terminal (39) to the rear
((33) above). Work the rear gear
gear plate with machine screw (123)
plate down on the shafts, but do
and lockwasher (122).
not force.
(25) Place tenths, units, tens, and hun-
(35) Rotate the four clutch assemblies so
that the tip of each paw1 (67, 80,
dreds megacycle clutches (69, 82,
110, 132) in their respective sleeve
108, 130) engages a notch in the 12-
notch stop wheel of each clutch as-
bearings in front gear plate (134).
The ends of clutches that have split
locknuts and retaining rings go to-
(36) Fasten rear gear plate (31) by at-
taching machine screw (40) and lock-
ward the front gear plate.
washer (41) to each square spacing
(26) If spring pin (74) and 32-tooth spur
gear (75) were disassembled from
post (127) at two lower corners of
the rear gear plate, and attaching ma-
No. 2 idler shaft (73), slide the
chine  screw (24)  and lockwasher
spur gear onto the shaft, and insert
the spring pin flush to the surface of
(25) to the sleeve nut at the center
hub on spur gear.
of lower edge of rear gear plate.
(27) Place retaining ring (72) in slot at
Note: Switches S1 through S7  ((37)
end of No. 2 idler shaft (73) and
through (44) below) have a red mark on
one side that identifies the top front of the
place retaining ring (76) in the slot
switch. This red mark must be oriented
at opposite end of shaft.
properly when the switches are mounted.
(28) If spring pin (98) and 32-tooth spur
(37) Place switch S1 (36) on shaft of hun-
gear (99) were disassembled from
dreds megacycle clutch (132). The
drive shaft (97), slide the spur gear
red mark on the switch must be to
onto the shaft, and insert the spring
the outside (away from rear gear.
pin flush to the surface of hub on
plate (31)) and toward the upper
spur gear.
edge of the rear gear plate.
(29) Place retaining ring (96) in slot at
end of drive shaft (97), and place re-
(38) Mount switch S1 ((37) above) to the
taining ring (100) in slot at opposite
rear gear plate with two machine
end of shaft.
screws (34, glyp), two fiber washers
(35), two 1/4-inch long ceramic posts
(30) If spring pin (118) and 38-tooth
(37), and two fiber washers (38).
spur gear (117) were disassembled

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