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General Reassembly Techniques.
TM-11-6625-564-45 Maintenance Kits Electronic Equipment MK-731/ARC-51X Manual
Reassembly (cont) - TM-11-6625-564-450072
TM 11-6625-564-45
(MIL-L-6085). Remove all excess oil
of the front gear plate facing the re-
with a clean lint-free cloth.
(11) Mount one sleeve nut (102) to the
c. Reassembly (fig. 4-17).
lower edge of front gear plate (134)
(1) Insert six sleeve bearings (70, 77, 83,
with one flathead screw (172, glyp).
101, 111, 124) in front gear plate
(12) Insert modified machine screw (125)
(134).  Three six sleeve bearings
and lockwasher (126) into e a c h
have a 3/16-inch diameter. Insert
square spacing post (127); then at-
each sleeve bearing so that the large
tach captive screw spring (128) to
flange of the sleeve bearing is on the
each machine screw (127); then at-
inside of the front gear plate (to-
ward the rear gear plate (31)).
tach captive screw spring (128) to
each machine screw ( 125).
(2) Insert one sleeve bearing (119) in
(13) Mount indicator holder (147) to
front gear plate (134), large flange
front gear plate (134) with two ma-
to the inside. This sleeve bearing
has a 1/8-inch inner diameter.
chine screws (150) and two lockwash-
(3) Place lamp DS4 (141) in lamp brack-
ers (149).
et (140). Hold lamp DS1 in place,
(14) Loosely mount one machine screw
insert two bushing insulators (139
(145) and one lockwasher (146) to
and 142) in lamp bracket, and attach
indicator holder (147).
electrical contact (143) with one flat
(15) Insert indicator DS4 (148) in indica-
washer (138), one machine screw
tor holder (147). Adjust indicator
(144), and one No. 2 nut (137,
DS4 so that there is 13/16-inch spac-
ing between outer edge of indicator
(4) Assemble lamp DS2 assembly (151
DS4 and front edge of front gear
through 158) in same manner as giv-
plate (134); then tighten machine
en in (3) above.
screw (145).
(5) Assemble lamp DS3 assembly (180
(16) Mount four pawl spring guides (90,
through 187) in same manner as giv-
93, 112, 120) to the inside of the
en in (3) above.
rear gear plate (31).
(17) Insert three 3/16-inch inner diame-
(6) Mount lamp DS1 assembly ((3)
above) to front gear plate (134) with
ter sleeve bearings (71, 95, 114) in
two lockwashers (85) and two ma-
rear gear plate (31), with the large
chine screws (84).
flange of the sleeve bearings toward
(7) Mount lamp DS2 assembly ((4)
the inside of the rear gear plate (to-
above) to front gear plate (134) with
ward front gear plate (134)).
two lockwashers (87) and two ma-
(18) Insert four 1/8-inch inner diameter
sleeve bearings (65, 78, 106, 124) in
chine screws (86).
(8) Mount lamp DS3 assembly ((5)
rear gear plate (31), with the large
above) to front gear plate (134) with
flange toward the inside.
(19) Mount solenoid L4 (66) to rear gear
two lockwashers (104) and two ma-
chine screws (103).
plate (31) with three machine screws
(8) and three lockwashers (9).
(9) Mount motor B1 (105) to front gear
plate (134)  w i t h t h r e e m a c h i n e
(20) Mount solenoid L3 (79), solenoid
screws (171, glyp).
L2 (107). and solenoid L1 (129) to
(10) Mount two square spacing posts
rear gear plate (31) with three ma-
(127) to lower edge of front gear
chine screws (29) and three lock-
plate (134)  with two lockwashers
washers (30) for L3, three machine
(190) and two machine screws (191).
screws (27) and three lockwashers
The post not shown mounts to the
(28) for L2, and three machine
hole in the lower right corner of the
screws (32) and three lockwashers
front gear plate (134), outside edge
(33) for L1.

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