Quantcast Retransmit and Receive Audio Signal Test.


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Page Title: Retransmit and Receive Audio Signal Test.
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Homing Operation Test
TM-11-6625-601-34 Maintenance Kit Electronic Equipment MK-733/ARC-54 (NSN
Signal Path of Test Set, Radio TS-1967/ARC-54 Connected to Coupler, Antenna CU-942/ARC-54 or CU-943/ARC-54
TM 11-6625-601-34
j a c k J101 to the C-3835/ARC-54. From the
ID-48/ARN. Ground for the simulated over tar-
C - 3 8 3 5 / A R C - 5 4 , the push-to-talk ground is
get homing signal is applied, through contacts
applied through pin v of jack J101 to pins 41 and
5 and 8 of switch S3A (front), pin 21 of plug P4,
42 of plug P4 on the simulator. The push-to-talk
and pin D of jack J2, to the horizontal needle
ground applied to pins 41 and 42 of plug P4 is
circuit in the ID-48/ARN. Operating voltage for
routed to contact 1 of FUNCTION SELECTOR
t h e ID-48/ARN flags is obtained from the
switch S3B (rear) and contact 5 of switch S3A
C-3835/ARC-54. The voltage is applied through
(rear), respectively. Setting switch S3 to OFF
pin GG of jack J101 and pin E of jack J2 to the
applies the push-to-talk ground through con-
flag circuit in the ID-48/ARN. The ID-48/ARN
tacts 1 and 10 of switch S3B (rear) to PTT SEC
flag control ground is obtained from retransmit
lamp DS6 and, through contacts 5 and 4 of
ground  s w i t c h S 1 . S e t t i n g s w i t c h S 1 t o
switch S3A (rear), to PTT INT SEC TONE lamp
DS7 causing lamps DS6 and DS7 to light. Sett-
applies the control ground through pin 11 or 10
ing switch S3 to SEC applies the push-to-talk
of plug P4, respectively, and pin Z or y of jack
ground through contacts 5 and 8 of switch S3A
J101, respectively, to the C-3835/ARC-54. From
(rear), pin 44 of plug P4, and pin K of jack J1,
t h e C-3835/ARC-54, the control ground is
to the security device; this activates the secur-
applied through pin FF of jack J101 and pin F
ity tone control and security operate circuits.
of jack J2 to the flag circuit in the ID-48/ARN.
Ground from the security tone control circuit is
e. Retransmit and Receive Audio Signal Test.
A n a u d i o  signal  applied  t o a h e a d s e t -
applied through pin P of jack J1 and pin 39 of
plug P4 to contact 3 of switch S3A (rear). Setting
microphone connected to HEADSET jack J7 is
switch S3 to SEC applies ground through con-
amplified in the simulator and applied to the
tacts 3 and 4 of switch S3A (rear) to PTT INT
C-3835/ARC-54 as a simulated RT-348/ARC-54
SEC TONE lamp DS7, causing lamp DS7 to
receive audio signal. An audio signal from Con-
light. Ground from the security sidetone control
trol, Intercommunication Set C-1611D/AIC is
circuit is applied through pin A of jack J1 and
a p p l i e d through the C-3835/ARC-54 to the
pin 43 of plug P4 to contact 9 of switch S3B
simulator and the security device as a simulated
(rear). Setting switch S3 to SEC applies ground
R T - 3 4 8 / A R C - 5 4 transmit audio signal. The
through contacts 9 and 10 of switch S3B (rear)
receive  a u d i o s i g n a l e n t e r s t h e s i m u l a t o r
to PTT SEC lamp DS6, causing the lamp to light.
through pin 3 of jack J7 and is amplified by
transistors  A 1 Q 1 , A 1 Q 2 , a n d A 1 Q 3 . T h e
An additional check of the security device is
obtained by applying an audio signal to SEC
amplified receive audio signal is routed,
AUDIO REC jack J4 and monitoring the resul-
through emitter follower A1Q4, pin 13 of plug
tant coded signal at SEC AUDIO ST jack J5.
P4,  and  pin  JJ  of  jack  J101,  to  the
The audio signal is routed from SEC AUDIO
C-3835/ARC-54. From the C-3835/ARC-54, the
REC jack J4, through pin 15 of plug P4 and pin
receive audio signal is applied, through pin N
E of jack J1, to the security device. The security
of jack J101 and pin 30 of jack J1, to the
device codes the input audio signal and applies
C-1611D/AIC.  The  transmit  audio  signal  is
it, through pin V of jack J1 and pin 40 of plug
routed from the C-1611D/AIC through pin 24 of
P4, to SEC AUDIO ST jack J5. Ground for the
J1 and pin y of jack J101, to the C-3835/ARC-54.
security audio signal is applied from the secur-
From the C-3835/ARC-54, the transmit audio
ity device, through pin N of jack J1 and pin 38
signal is applied through pin x of jack J101 to
of plug P4, to SEC AUDIO COM jack J6.
pin 6 of plug P4 (on the simulator) and pin B
of jack J1 (on the security device). From pin 6
g. Homer Antennas Continuing Test. Dc con-
of plug P4, the transmit audio signal is applied,
tinuity of the left and right homer antenna sys-
through VOL control R4, emitter follower A1Q5,
tem is checked by applying ground through each
and pin 2 of jack J7, to the headset-microphone.
antenna system to the associated homer lamp
The transmit audio signal applied to pin B of
in the simulator. The left homer antenna sys-
jack J1 is coded in the security device and
tem is checked by applying ground, through the
routed through pin C of jack J1 and pin 7 of plug
shield of the associated coaxial cable, the left
P4 to SEC AUDIO XMIT jack J3.
homer antenna, and the center conductor of the
f. Security Device Test. The security device
coaxial cable, to plug P1. From plug P1, ground
codes the transmit audio when a push-to-talk
is applied to COAX CONT LEFT lamp DS9,
ground is applied to it from the C-1611D/AIC.
causing lamp DS9 to light. The right homer
Push-to-talk ground from the C-1611D/AIC is
antenna system is checked by applying ground,
applied through pin 33 of jack J1 and pin q of
through the shield of associated coaxial cable,

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