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TM-11-6625-564-45 Maintenance Kits Electronic Equipment MK-731/ARC-51X Manual
Test Set, Radio TS-1962/ARC/51X
C2, TM 11-6625-564-45
+ receiver circuitry; when the switch is set to
eter R2 and applied to the antenna through
the ADF position, +27.5 volts dc is applied
directional coupler DC1.
Directional coup-
to the adf relay in the receiver-transmitter.
ler DC1 provides two points for testing
When XMIT LOAD switch S4 is set to ON,
forward and reflected voltages to and from
the antenna.
+27.5 volts dc is applied through thermostat
The TEST SELECT switch
(S1) connects forward voltage to meter Ml,
S5. XMIT LOAD lamp DS4 will light if the
when set to VSWR CAL, and reflected volt-
aircraft +27.5-volt dc source is regulated cor-
age to meter Ml when set to VSWR TEST.
rectly. When the TEST SELECT switch is set
c.1. Uhf Test
Generator Module 1A5
to +27.5V, meter Ml is connected to the air-
(MK-731A/ARC-51X Only). The 27.5 volts
craft +27.5-volt dc source. The meter will
dc applied to module
1A5 is also
show a normal indication (green sector) on
supplied to relay K1. When relay K1 is en-
scale A if the voltage is correct. When PTT
ergized by depressing PTT switch S2, and
switch S2 is depressed and switch S1 is in
TEST SELECT switch S1 is in the VSWR
the VSWR CAL or VSWR TEST position, re-
CAL or VSWR TEST position, the +27.5
lay K1 is energized and B+ is applied to uhf
volts dc is applied to VSWR CAL potentiom-
test generator module 1A5.
This action
eter R2. The 300-mc output of uhf test gen-
places the radio set simulator in transmit
erator module 1A5 is controlled and varied
function, and XMIT lamp DS3 will light.
by VSWR CAL potentiometer R2 and applied
When the squelch disabling switch of the
to the antenna through directional coupler
radio set control is activated, the SG DIS
Directional coupler DC1 provides
lamp DS6 will light.
test points for testing forward and reflected
Caution: Although the XMIT LOAD switch
voltages to and from the antenna. The TEST
when set to ON activates the transmit func-
SELECT switch connects forward voltages
tion, do not practice this method of operation.
to meter Ml, when set in VSWR CAL, and
reflected voltage to meter Ml when set in
b. Transient Blanker Module 1A4 and
Power Converter Module 1A3. The + 27.5
d. ADF Supply Circuit. The +225 volts dc
volts dc applied to transient blanker module
generated by power converter module 1A3 is
1A4 is converted into three regulated out-
applied through relay K1 (in the deenergized
puts that include one regulated +18.9-volt dc
state) to the plate circuits in the adf equipment
filament supply, one regulated +27.5-volt dc
in the aircraft (if so equipped). When the
supply, and one regulated +20-volt dc sup-
TEST SELECT switch is set to +225V, meter
ply. The +27.5 volts dc is applied to power
Ml is connected to the +226-volt dc adf sup-
converter module 1A3 which changes the dc
ply circuit to indicate continuity and po-
to alternating current (ac), steps up the volt-
tential of the circuit to the adf equipment.
age, converts the ac voltage back to dc, and
e. Audio Amplifier Modules 1A1 and 1A2.
supplies three outputs (+175 volts, 80 milli-
The output from the pilot's headset micro-
amperes (ma) dc; +225 volts, 15 ma dc; and
phone is applied to the input of audio ampli-
an 9.65-volt ac auxiliary audio signal). The
fier No. 2 module 1A2. The signal is ampli-
auxiliary audio signal is adjusted by poten-
fied and applied to HEADSET H-101A/U
tiometer R17.
jack where the test headset receives the signal.
c. Uhf Test Generator Module 1A5 (MK-
The volume is varied by AUDIO GAIN po-
731/ARC-51X Only). The +175 volts dc gen-
tentiometer R23. The output of the test head-
erated by power converter module 1A3 is
set microphone is applied to the input of au-
applied to relay K1.  When relay K1 is ener-
dio amplifier No. 1 module 1A1. This sig-
gized by depressing PTT switch S2, the +175
nal is amplified and applied to the pilot's head-
volts dc is applied to VSWR CAL. potentiom-
set. The volume is varied by the volume con-
eter R2 and the plate circuit of uhf test
generator module 1A5.
trol on the radio set control.
The 300-mc output
of uhf test generator module 1A5 is con-
trolled and varied by VSWR CAL. potentiom-
switch S3 is used only when testing dual re-

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